For the past few years I have had the amazing opportunity to work at Tectonic as a Creative Director. It is a small (but mighty) studio in Seattle and Boston that focuses on software experience design.  My role at Tectonic is to lead the design efforts on projects, create visuals, and run client presentations. The work that I do at Tectonic is under non-disclosure agreements (which kindof makes us like the FBI of software design, right?) so I have to keep details to a minimum. I can say that I've worked on a wide range of work at Tectonic that ranges from wearables, TV experiences, app design, web design, branding, evisioning, as well as some strategy work. 

 I've really loved infusing my background in Motion + Print design into designing for software UI. It's exciting to see how they inform eachother to create new experiences and UI design is currently my career focus. If you would like to learn more about the kinds of work that I do at Tectonic, please click the link above.

Client List: