Accessibility Poster Series

Accessibility Poster Series

Creative Direction & Design | 2018

I had the honor of collaborating with the Amazon Accessibility Team in 2018 to create a series of posters for Global Accessibility Awareness Month. The prompt was to create artful posters that celebrate an inclusive design process, which were hung around the Amazon campus in Seattle. The Amazon Accessibility Team provided the copy, which was written at a 3rd grade reading level or less. This project was completed as a volunteer effort over the course of 6 weeks.

At the beginning of this process, I did an audit of existing accessbiltiy design materials and was underwhelmed with results. Often, the designs lacked color or any sense of personality. I knew that I wanted to create a series of posters that challenged these existing accessibility design standards. Over the years, I have heard designers grumble about the implications that accessibility will have on the output of their designs. But I truly believe that accessibility should be integrated at the very beginning of every design process instead of an afterthought at the end. Design is a very powerful tool for communication and storytelling. The most successful design projects are not only beautiful - but they should also be accessible and inclusive to everyone.

This project was also featured on the InVision Blog with an interview about the process - check it out to learn more!